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SEO ROI Performance Chart

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Here at Bullseye we live, eat and breathe law firm marketing. Attorney SEO isn't something we do - it's the only thing we do. We're great at what we do and we know it. That is why we offer our services for free until we meet certain predetermined guaranteed milestones.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • If desired, a fully custom developed, or revamped, website,
  • If desired, design of creatives like logo & letterhead,
  • updates & maintenance of website and content,
  • on-page code, organic, local and social networking SEO,
  • long term monthly blog content,
  • and reputation monitoring...

All for free.

Clients are responsible only for initial site content and 3rd party expenses (hosting, etc.) We cover everything else, and provide detailed guidance on content creation.

Service fees are charged only after we have you ranked on Google's first page - among the top local firms in your field. In essense, you are guaranteed:

  • a complete web presense (optimized website & social networks),
  • highly coveted places on Google's 1st page for your home city,
  • plus 1st page coverage for three other local cities,
  • placement based on competitive terms relevant to your type of practice...

All before you incur a cent of expense.

Our fees are based on the size of your county. Practice types are exclusively reserved by county to each client. We'll never optimize another local competitor. We maintain our efforts, and push for other local cities, for the same monthly fee. This is just the beginning.

Your presence will grow; but your fee never will.

We're good. We know it and have no problem proving it if that's what it takes to earn your long term business!

SEO ROI Performance Chart

The Logical Choice

What would you pay for an ability to buy a bill board on the side of an Interstate that spans thousands of lanes across and sees millions of passengers drive by every day? What if that bill board could read the mind of every passerby and lit up and displayed only to drivers specifically interested in your product line or services?

Phenomenal! Right? You would have to be a fool to not seize an opportunity like that. Too bad it's pure science fiction.

Or, is it?

Thirty years ago such a scenario would have been. However, with the passing of time - like so many things in today's world - what was once science fiction is now a reality.

Google Local Search & SEO Services

As of July 2015, total worldwide population is 7.3 billion. The internet has 3.17 billion users. There are just over 3.4 billion active internet users worldwide. Google processes 100 billion searches a month. That's an average of 40,000 search queries every second. 89.3% of all internet searches are carried out by Google by 1.17 billion unique users.

Google is that Interstate. Anytime anyone uses it they enter a keyword search so you know what's on their mind. Anyone can put up a billboard (website). The key factor to its success is (you guessed it!) location, location, location! The medium may have changed, but common rules of business still apply. The closer its proximity to the main flow of traffic, the more see it. The more who see it, the better it does.

That is exactly the kind of marketing an efficiently planned and executed website promotion campaign will make possible for you -- exactly the kind of marketing Bullseye brings to the table.

Bullseye has assembled a diverse group of talented individuals with a common vision and sense of commitment to our clients. Whether we're discussing integrated marketing programs, web site development, search engine marketing or optimization, Bullseye offers an unparalleled combination of services.

For those passionate about online business, it's a thrilling blend of many a science and discipline, covering linguistics, psychology, marketing, technology, and others...

Web promotion must be executed from start from finish with one thing in mind - every client - every website - is unique, and accordingly the efforts required to meet their needs must be correspondingly customized to each. We will analyze your and your competitors' current market stances, map out the most efficient methods for you to approach your market sector, and position you strategically ensuring you experience a ROI on your efforts that make successes from any marketing attempts in the past pale in comparison.

Is your business ready for its next step forward?

Our Philosophy

Our business Philosophy is in great part shaped around a theory in finance that sprang from the work of the economist Vilfredo Pareto. He is credited with establishing what is now widely known as the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule. - that, "for many phenomena 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes.". In other words - to name just a few examples - roughly 20% of your keywords deliver 80% percent of your traffic, 80% percent of your sales come from 20% of your product line, 80% of customer complaints arise from 20% of your products or services, 20% of your competitors are controlling 80% of your market.

One of the greatest shortfalls practiced by existing SEO's is that they "micro" manage your site's optimization. Every industry is different, every company unique, you cannot take a cookie cutter approach to optimizing a website and expect it to perform. To truly be successful in this market you have to take a more holistic approach and shift your focus initially away from your website and analyze your competitors.

8020 ratio

Good SEO work starts with a concept very similar to reverse engineering. You find a website that is doing well in your target market then you analyze it for a variety of factors - its keyword density, content formation, who links to it, etc You cannot market without proper business intelligence. Intelligence represents the 'flip side' of the strategy coin. Strategy without intelligence is not strategy, it is guessing. Marketing without strategy is not marketing, it is gambling. The future of your company is not something we will gamble with.

You need to maintain an edge over your competitors. You need to know how well you are doing and exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lay. With proper website analytics we will be able to pinpoint - right down to the very city - how your performance is in a specific region.

our technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We have amassed a plethora of customized in house tools -- spider technology, search term tracking, etc - that will assist us in many of the tasks needed to fulfill your needs. These tools are the end result of years of practical experience in working in the search engine industry and are being utilized for your benefit at no additional expense to you. When optimizing search terms the factors that must be focused on each may vary depending on a variety of circumstances. The competitors controlling real estate in search terms you are vying for will be thoroughly researched. We specifically target a variety of variables to see exactly what it is they have done to rank, then custom tailor a program that will allow you to follow suit.

Legal Marketing & Law Firm Local SEO

Running a successful law firm is challenging. Attorney marketing has always been competitive. A viable law firm SEO marketing strategy is a must, but is a complex undertaking. You simply do not have the time to do it correctly, and be a good lawyer, at the same time. We'll take on that challenge and initiate a long term comprehensive SEO strategy that we guarantee will rank you top among local peers on Google's 1st page.

Responsive Attorney Website Design

We will design, host and maintain your website. If you don't have a logo, we'll make one for you. We'll actively assist you when writing content and tweak it to ensure it always meets the most recent optimal SEO guidelines. Then we'll post it and take care of any other web site related problems to ensure it's always running at peak efficiency.

Law Firm Business Intelligence

We'll find out who your top competitors are, what local keywords they control, and keep you apprised of how you rank against them. We'll routinely monitor Google for any new reviews, alert you on changes and help you manage your reputation online. Lastly, we've targeted over 200 points of presence on the web your firm's footprint should cover and, if not, ensure it does.

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